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Collection de 

Cunadliin Institute for Historical Microroproductions / Institut canadicn de microreprodiictions historiques 


Technical and P:^;...'^i : , :c Notes / Notes techniques et bibiiographiques 

The Institute has attempted •■:■ c . .• • j^st original 
copy available for filming. ^-^TiV-i-k'^^ v' .. -cpy which 
may be bibliographically unique, wnic/i may alter any of 
the images in the reproduction, or which may 
significantly change the usual method of filming are 
checked below. 


Coloured covers / 
Couverture de couleur 

□ Covers damaged / 
Couverture endommagee 

□ Covers restored and/or laminated / 
Couverture restauree et'ou pelliculee 

I j Cover title missing / Le litre de couverture manque 

I I Coloured maps / Cartes geographiques en couleur 

□ Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black) / 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

□ Coloured plates and/or illustrations / 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 





Bound with other material / 
Relie avec d'autres documents 

Only edition available/ 
Seule edition disponible 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion along 
interior margin / La reliure serree peut causer de 
I'ombre ou de la distorsion le long de la marge 

Blank leaves added during restorations may appear 
within the text. Whenever possible, these have been 
omitted from filming / II se peut que certames pages 
blanches ajouteos lors d'une restauration 
apparaissent dans le texte. mais, lorsque cela eiait 
possible. CCS pages n'ont pas ete filmces 

Additional comments / 
Commentaires supplementaires: 

L'Institut a microfilme le meilleur exemplaire qu'ii lui a 
ete possible de se procurer. Les details de cet exem- 
plaire qui sont peut-etre uniques du point de vue bibii- 
ographique, qui peuvent modifier une image reproduite, 
ou qui peuvent exiger une modification dans la metho- 
de normale de filmage sonf indiques ci-dessous. 

I I Coloured pages / Pages de couleur 

I I Pages damaged / Pages endommagees 


Pages restored and/or laminated / 
Pages restaurees et/ou pelliculees 

I i Pages discoloured, stained or foxed / 


j I Quality of print varies / 

Pages decolorees, tachetees ou piquees 
Pages detachea / Pages detachees 
Showthrough / Transparence 



Qualite inegale de I'lmpression 

Includes supplementary matenal / 
Comprend du materiel supplementaire 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata slips, 
tissues, etc., have been refilmed to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages totalement ou 
partiellement obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une 
pelure, etc , ont ete filmees a nouveau de faijon a 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

Opposing pages with varying colouration or 
discolourations are filmed twice to ensure the best 
possible image / Les pages s'opposant ayant des 
colorations variables ou des decolorations sont 
tilmees deux fois afin d'obtenir la meilleure image 

This itrm is tilmpd .it Ihe reduction ratio chfckprt below / 
Cc document est tilme au lau> He rtiHiiri.on ir,,i,r,,,m -. ^... 


















The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of: 

National Library of Canada 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the back cover when eppropriata. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or illustrated impression. 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol — ^ (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol V (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Maps, plates, charts, etc . may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included m one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper lef* hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 






4 5 

L'exemplaire film6 fut reproduit grace k la 
Q^nArosit^ de: 

Bibliotheque nationale du Canada 

Las images suivantes ont iti reproduites avec le 
plus grand soin, compte tenu de la condition et 
de la nenet* de lexemplaire film*, at en 
conformity avec les conditions du contrat de 

Les exemplaires originau^ iont la couverture en 
papier est imprimie sont filmAs en commencant 
par la premier plat et en terminant soit par la 
derni^re page qui compone une empreinte 
d'impression ou dillustration, soit par le second 
plat, selon la cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont filmis en commenpant par la 
premiAre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par 
la derniAre page qui comporte une telle 

Un des symboles suivants apparaitra sur la 
derniAre image de cheque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symbole — ♦• signifie "A SUIVRE ', le 
symbole V signifie "FIN". 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc . puuvent etre 
fiim^s i des taux da reduction diff^rents 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour etre 
reproduit en un saui clich*, il est film* ^ partir 
de Tangle supArieur gauche, de gauche A droite. 
et de haut en bas. en prenant le nombre 
d'images nAcessairs Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la m^thode 

2 3 

5 6 





liJ 12.8 12.5 


IIM lllll 2.2 

HO lllll 2.0 






^^ • Mom Street 

r^ •■■. Ne« fork U609 USA 

.=S v'ltj «a2 - 0300 - Phone 

= (716) ?88 - %989 - Fo> 

»i*'' tof {• 






By the 

H< V jajDos Menzies, MD 

North i ionan 

lajuetj by 
Pre«byteriuii FJoaicI of Foreign Mission* 


_,;.^;>jHi-;f:r;ii' -i?! vj^-i' ^j.-tvr.; 


Idkl National Library Bibliothdaue natlonale 
H ^ ■ of Canada du Canada 






By ihe 
Rev, Jas. Menzies, M.D. 

Hwaiching, North Honan 

(Reprinted by Prrmission) 

Board of Foreign Missions, Presbyterian Church in Canada 
439 ( Confederation Life Building, Toronto, Canada 

Kl- \ lAMI s Mi-:\/ii;s. M |> 

r,ii;>' Tu. 

J ( >n 


This hoofflel was originallp a contrihulhn lo fQloor Street 'Preshylerian 
Congregation h\: Rev. James Mcnzies, M.D., its Missionary to Honan. 
It Was edited hy the Chairman of its Missionary Committee as an esteemed 
privilege and lahor of love. A request has been made that a further edition 
be published by the F. tlf. iB. of the church at large, and that request 
has been gladly acceded to. 

The facts set forth in'^ this little emissary are the ' ' Acts of 
the Apostles" brought down to dale from Jar distant H^nan. 
There are \." 1 ransfigured Lives" there as n'c7/ as here; there are 
Twice-born Men " there as well as here; there are "Souls 
in Action ' ' there as well as here. The universalitv of the 

divine influence is a cardinal doctrine. !J)efore the day dawns the heavens 
are fdled nuth flaming ministers of radiant light fulfilling God's purposes ; 
and so before the day fully breaks on dark. China with its giant possibili- 
ties, we see the Jlashing glories o/ Qod's truth illuminating these 
messengers 'who, like torches, are lighted not for themselves but Jor 
others. So this booklet goes forth to speak f"' China. It is only 
a little foot-note to the " Great Command, " and of it onh a humble but 
practical exposition a testimony ako to its closing words. " Lo, I am 
with you alwav, even unto the end of the ages. ' ' tfifciv the word it 
speaks not return void, but mov // bring back lo Llonan and to ourselves t 
great and abundant fruition of good. 

Our best wisnes for the happiness and prosperitv of this r^Cis.sionary 
of the Church, his wife and helpers, go herewith, and may China '3 
millions in this generation, not only hear, hut k"0W that Truth which 
saves to the uttermost. 


Toronto. r'yCay, 1913. 

I'age 'I'iiroe 

'Tf T liicvi' ■ .ti'ii iii\ miiiM'l tiiysi'lf 

:ilnlll', :lllll thr I'ilthl'r-lrss llllth llul riltl II 

t hiTiMif. . . , till 11 li't niiiir iirin l';ill t'l-mii 
;ii\' sli'iiiUit'T liliMlr. itixl iiiiiii' :irin lit* 
liriiki'ii I'lniii tliH lioiH'." — .lull. ::i: 17. 'Jl'. 

l!llt lis Ills |lllfl is tllllt L'lii'tll lliiuu 

t.i till- liiitlli'. Ml sluiU his ]Jiii-t 111' iliat 
Miriitli 111. till' stuff: tlii',\ sliiill |iai-tal;c 
• ill kr. ■ ' - 1 Sinn. :i(i : 'J 4. 

iti^i" l'"ii\ir 

Link by Link 

Link liv liiil^, rhi'v ;ii-c ^^aTlicri iii.' in 

To till' rjiurcii lit' (.'l;ri'~t, frnni tin' tirliis nt' sin. 

I'"iiini rill' liu-\' rlifiin,!.' m tlif i-ity >tri'rt, 

l-'iniii rill' iji'ii- wliiTc till' lii'-t iiinl till' t'alli'n int'i'f. 

iiiiii till' r.'iiiK'^ lit till' strung in 

till' !u>t III' lift' 

i'"ri)m ili'^pairiiiu imcs liriiti'ii ilnw n in tilt' strit'i'. 
Friiin till' \\;iy-.iilr ilitrll. t'riilll t' ■ m:i\r's ml.l lil'i 
i)ni' li\ mil'. tlii'\ ai'c u^itlirrril iii Link 1p\' iiink. 

liiiiks nt' wiiat .' \Vli\". links in ;i diiiin. tin- (liaiii 

of I\i'(li'iii]iti(in. .M;iny vcjii's ;il;i) 1 \v;is cii^'ji^'cil in 

loi-'tiiny' in tlir winter lime and tlh' chain I used ^avt- 

j nil' a iiTi'at (Iral of tronlilc. fof at tlic most i-ritirai 

I times a link was jipt to uivr way. Had a lilacksriitli 

licrn on hand \\r could soon liavc wchh'd it toircthc!- 

airain. hut wc could not cai'i'v a hjacksiuitli "s I'ofyc 

altout with Us just fof the sake of the chain. Those 

dead links were a <:'i'eat nuisance. When we counted 

i on tliem most, they failed us. and .ifter the chain was 

toe->^ied to<:etliel', tllel'e they illlU^'. Oldy a dead Wi'iu'llt. 

j always «|ettiii<:' in the wax. and vei'y ,i|>t to dro|) ott' 

i altoireihi'i- and ;,ei lost. 

lIoweM'f. i am not wi'itin<r aliout the dead links 

thei'c ai'e too many of thi'm liy far in all cliurches . 

I'lUt it is of livinu- links 1 wi'ite. links that on the one 

hand are eri|i|iine the Mt'.'rnal. and (in the other a 

lierishino' hroll 


I ".'I -I' f!\i 

The "Bloor Street Church" Hospital 

Would you like U> l\Ui>\v the ^cucsis of tlir 1ms- 
pital .' Ilci'c it is. . . . Sdiiir ycjii's ii^o. .Mis. Stonc- 
l)('r<:' (if .Michi^jiii. when dyiim' of cnn.'cr. travi' •+2.") 
to lie used ill lios|iit;d woi'k in i Iwjnciiin!:. llonaii. It 
wasn't \cry luucli. iuit it meant a "iood deal to llif 
flivrr. and the .Mastci' ai-<-f|)1cd tlic yilt and planted 
ii. like tlif j^i'ain ol' nnistai'd seed, in His own ^'arden. 
where the seeds ol' His pJantinjT always <irow. It 
has "rrow n atid lieeonie a tree. ;ind already nnieh Iruit 
has a|)|M'ai'r(i. Shall I tell yon how it ^rew .' Tlic 
story i)\' that ^ift I'l'oni a dyiiii: friend was sent home 
to the yood friends of I'door St. (Iiureli, 'i'oronto. and 
one trift after another was added, nil the ^'2'^ luid he- 
eome .'tJl.tMMI. ;ind with the tiiou.sand dollai's a very 
eoiiifortaltle eliajiel. di,s|iensary aid operal iiit'' r tom 
wi're huilt, with separate wards foi men and women, 
hid you e\er ha\f to pi'eaeh out ofdoors in the 
w inter, and ha\ e to ndi olV t he snow and iee from t he 
lo^s and planks that served as seats and it woiddnt 
all mil olV . Ill- eoiidiiel uoiship in the rainy reasun. 
with llie rail! poiirin-:' Ihroiii:! the mat shed, while 
('\er\one stood. lie'-aUsi' it was too Wet to sit ' No.' 
'riieii \uii eaii liardl,\ iiiiderslaiid .|u>! Imw niee it was 
to ha\e oiir iiew ehapel liiiished. .\iid for dispeiisarv 
and o|ie|-at iiiL' roum ; dwl ,\ oii e\er lia\e to treat \oiir 
palieiiis and do opeialioiis as well, m \our eomhined 
.sliid\ and w iiiksliiip, Willi |(Hils and iiisi ni menis Ira 
ieini/iiie' l'i!_'el iier and liaMe lo eei iiii\ed. with 'he 
roiif IdW and liie lempeial ure lii'jh. with onl.\ (UH' 
floor. Ihal served as operal i ne talile. the dnorwa.v 

rHK«» Mix 

sri'virii:' liuth ;is .•nfr;iiirc jukI r\\\. tliroiiLdi wliicli lli" 

|i;itii'llts i-liiiilicd (i\ci' olli' jitidt lid- |(! u'ct tfrjltrd mikI 
then rliinliiMl ii\rr niir ;iii(i!lii'r to Lr 't hoiiic .' N'o .' 
<M (-((iii'M' tlii'iT ;ii-i' wdi'M' tliititi's th;in doors. ;is sidi- 
stitulrs I'or opiTjit iiiu- t;ili|i's. liiit ;is soon ;is our iirw 

dis|(rlis;ir.\ \\;is lillislird \\r Irl't the old. uilll ;|ll its 

• ■iidrnriiiti' ;issori;ii ions, ;ind iiio\i'd into tin- n^w with- 
out ;i sinu'lr sinJi i,f rcji'n't. Sonic months jil'tri' this ;i 
r;Ml\\;iy miiinrcr lioui Anst r.di;i. Mr. (i. I'. |{oss, wlicn 
"II ■■! visit lirrc. \\;is shown thi'oiitiii the hospilid. iind 
'■liter his I'ctnrn to his woi'k \\r sent ns ;i rhcck lor 
•■roilii. which w;is used in the crcrtion of I'niMlicr wjirds 
'"I' iiicii, .Mr. Ii'oss w;is hy no ni'^iins ;i rii-h num. Imt 
t he n;it i\r<' of the w ork ;i|i|M';ih'd to him. 

And su ihr tree h;is urown :ind will continue to 
ii'row. ;iiid is hcjirin'j Iruit. Some of the tVuit is 
yood : sohir looks edod. hut is worm rjitiii ;ind drops 
otT Itclorr it is ripi'. I'.ut is tlir w;iy ol' ;dl fruit 
trrrs, rs|iici,ill\ wlii'U tln' iiii rdi 'Ui 'r is not up to his 
liusiui'ss. or iiiM-omi's cai'i'lfss : tln' trcr is not to hr 
li|;imi'd lor thiit. To me it h;is ;dw;i>s srcmi'd ;i uc 

i'i'ss,il\ thine-, if We Would l';iirl\ riprcsrUt the Lldspcl 

of our Lord, liii'r in 1 1 w jdchinir. with its i-ounl 
Irss towns ;ind \ il hiu'is. ,1 nd ,i popuhil ion of ,in,\ win -re 
hi'twicu two .'ind four millions, th-'i'r should hi- .-il 
h'jisl (Uh' hospit.d w hi'i'i' I hr sii'k ;ind hoprh-ss nuiv 
Iind r( lirf W'hilr m,in\ comr too l.itc ;ind others 
;iri' shk unto di-,ith ,'ind '■.iniiot \»- i-iirid . it is no 

I N.-ILIiri'rjlt loll to -^iis ||tc|;di,\ th'' Mlllii ITrrivc 

llirir si'jht. till' hiiih' .lie iii;idi' to Wiilk, th'' <\<-,\\' Ih'.ir, 
m;ili\ ;iliiiosl woi'sr th;iii hjurs jirr ihjiiisi-d. jud iill 

l-iV. i- ! h.' ■■fisl-l !!!'.:!.h. ■! !i![!fi ! !-•!!! 

i i 
I'm-.- Kiylit 



No one, liowevi'r poor, is rcfusrd adiiiittiiiicp ; if 
lie liiis Mcitlicr lionic nor tViciids. ii home iiiid I'l'leiids 
iii'e liis while he is id the hospital, 'i'he opiuiii-sniokcr 
comes to he I'l'eed I'l-oni his awful ei'iiviii^. the suici'dc's 
relatives huriw her here, and know that her life will 
almost certainly he saved. The hospital is iti rrality 
a Door of Hope to thousauds oi' hopeless ones, hut it is 
the only one. h'oi- hundreds of ndles, there is not 
anothei' hospital. 


We Were talking: of fruit: here is a sample. ( Mie 
moi-ninj; ver_\- early a call came from the city to at 
tend a youn^ man who hiid heen set upon and hadlv 
handled. On i'eaehin<; his home 1 found a \nun'f man 
appai'eiitly well to do, l>in<,' on a hed, his clothes 
eovei-ed with some white powder. Both his (yes had 
heen >rou<,fed out witli scissors, and to make tin' matter 
sui'c (|uicklime had heen I'uhhcd into them. This was 
the lirst time I met l/i ('hi (hintr. We had him car- 
r'ied to the lios|)itaI, and attended to him as well as 
we could. Aftcf a time those terrihie iiashcs hcjijcd. 
hut his sic;ht was ^'oiic forever, it was hard to have to 
tell him he woidd ne\er see af/ain. Me. a vouult man 
enjo\ iui,' life to the full, diunk uilh its pleasures, 
never to see af^aiul He couldn'i stand it, the very 
thou^'ht was maddenintr He cnnid nut wecj), for the 

tear ducts had I n (piilc desti'o\i'd. an<I his teai'Icss 

a^'ony was ha I'd to see. .\ fter a time he '< came calmei' 
and. '.\ e uere o\i riovcci when h.e turU'd to the L(>!d 
Jesus for comfor't ;iiid salvation. 
I'ayo 'I'l'u 

The cluinfre in tlie iiuin li;is hccn so ^vcut that he 
is still the marvel of llwaichinj; Vu. Of what ho used 
to he, let his own words tell tlie dark story. "1 was 
well educated, and when m\- fathci- died he left rae 
with plenty of money, hut I was a protliijrate. I was 
known everywhei-e fi>r my dai'injr in wickedness, I was 
licentious, an opium smokei-. and the most expert 
iramhler in the cit,\. .My friends inside and outside 
the cit.\- wei-e vef\- iiian.w and they looked upon me 
as their leader. The leader of the rehels in South 
Udtian was once my hosom fi'ieiid.'' 

While still in the hospital, one day he said to me, 
"Doctor, 1 lia\c lieeii a <,M'ea1 sinnei'. N'o one ev.-r 
served the devij iiuire I'aitlifull.v than I. and he's i^'wou 
me my wa^es, 1 will never see with my eyes a^rain. 
.\ii(l now as sdoii as 1 am stronjz enou;j;li 1 am ^oii'^ 
||> stand in 1 1 w a idling' city heforc the Prefect's ya- 
mi'ii. and I am iroiui; to say tit the people :—'* You all 
know me; you know how well I sei'veil m\- master the 
de\il. and yon know, too, the wajjres he has paid me. 
I'>iit now 1 am ^roin^' to tell y(tu of the Saviour who 
souirht and found me. ;ind what He has done for mv 
soul." (tf course We did licit expect him to do anv- 
tliinir of the kind, for to a|ipear in puhlic at all, with- 
out liavinu: had xfui^'eance i)]\ his enemies, was more 
loss (if "face" than a Chinaman could stand Rut 
l.i ''hi riiintr meant it. and since then most nohly has 
he i-e(|ei'iiied his promisc. 

<)f course We often hcai of sui'h con\ersions at 
home in rhristian lands, wher.' men noted foi- their 
wickedness hccouie e;irncst rjinstian workers. I'.iit 
this was a Chinanuin, and an idol;di'i", a ^,'amliler, 

;iM (ipiiiiii siihikcr. jiikI ;i loNcr ii'" every kind of evil. 

Till' iZ'dd lie ;ili(l his I'illhiTS li;i(| WOl'slli |)j»((l t'nl' over 
• !'l(l vejirs. lie lrr(ii|e|il to me (iiie (|;iy, snyinir. "My 
rjiiiiily jiiiil I will 1111I iiecil this ;iiiy Muu'e.*" It \v;is 
ii l;iree iii'dii/e i(|(i| (if uvi'V oil |»(tiiii(ls, iiiid is now 
in the |)iissessi()ii of oiir h'oreimi .Mission Seere1;iry. 
'('hiiiisi' ( hrisl i;'iis wlio h;i\(' id.ils in their lioines, 

e\e|| |i;i|»er (illi'S. Jlfe |i!lt ollt of the elllirell ! 1 

l'>iit (jjirk. (i;iik (!ii\s Were jiln'jid ol' Mr. Li. d;iys 
tile ('nrklless of wllieh Wc (;:|i i:r\fr re;ili/e. His 

|»;ilsied mother repro.-iehed him hitterly for his nnlili;il 

eondllel. lieejMjse lie refused to h;i\e \('ll<iC;inee on llis 
enemies. Mis wife. ;i \r]-\ 1 1 i u h s| )i I'it (•( I WdlilJin. told 

him she would I'.Mhi'r see him the worst |irotlij,';ite in 

I I w ji iehiiiir tli;iii :i fiillower of tlie I'oreien de\ils. And 
worsi' th;in either of these ;iiid sndder too. this hlinijed. 
Iirokeii he.irled m;iii with notliinu' Init liitteriiess jiml 
re|ire;!i lies in his 1 1 nine, with ;ilmest ,'i 1 1 h is old friends 
turned ;ie;iiiist hi'ii. met with ei.hliiess ;:nd sns;)ieion 
fiom th.>'-e who I lire ihr ii.-ime of ('hrist, the \ery 
oiic s fium wlioiii he n;iliir;ill\ e\|iiM'ted sym|i;illi\ ;iiid 
sii|)|iirl , Thoii!jii his \e;ir nf iirohjitinn w;is o\cr. 
;iL;;iin ;ii;d ;m,iin he \\,is refused li;i|>lism. ( )ne d;i\. 

Inni;' ;i flerw ;| !•( !s, he siliil lo me. '''i'lies.- Were teri'ihI.V 

d;irk d;i.\ s foi' me. I fell I h;id (iiil\ two re;il frienils 

left ,'ll|i| if llle\ ii;'d f;'lhi| nir I Wollld h;i\e 
ei\ell l||i i'\ el\ t hile.', ;|||d li;i\e <J,tl\li' SW I f t to [irr- 

dil inn, " 

.\s SOI 111 iis he eiill Id, he lie'j;lll 111 (111 ( iicisl Ijlll W iirk 

III llle eh;i|ie|. ii|l the li||s\ i|t\ street lie |ire,'|e|ied |o 
I ilissels ii\ III |Oe;iellii I. tmi, in h Is IIW 11 IliiMIe ; it W ,IS 
lliit ;i \er\ llii|iefl|| kind 111' |i|;iee, lilll the strojlu f;iltll 

I '.■iijii '\'\\ el \ I' 

;iii(l fjinirstiicss (if the i!i;m w-rc Ixtuiid to pi'i'Vail. 
One (i;i\ soiin' linic jil'tci'. I rxniiiiiicii ii ^Toiip of 
people ;is to their klliiW ledy-e ol' (ios|tel tfUtll. I WilS 
very iiiueli sill prise 1 ;il llieir mi(lerst;iii(iiii^^ ;iii<l 

illlSWel'S. for tlley Were lllllell lletter tllJIll We USU;ill\' 

hear. The\ were the wil'e. the soil and two daiiyrliters 
(it Li Chi ('hiiiii-. and tlie whoh' faiiiilx- was received 
illlo t he ehiireh a1 one t illie. 

('iiHiired and e(hieated as he is. he is not alxtvc 
stoopiiiLT down and lielpinu' the very htwest. A-raiii 
and a^ain I foniid that men with whom we (■()idd do 
nothing- in tin' hospital, would sonu'liow ^n'avitate to- 
wards his plaee. lie pitied them, exhorted theiii. was 
not discdiiraued when they tailed, and \>y the uraee ol 

(i(i(| tliey \\f\-f redeemed. Aliiolie' tile stildellts of this 

and siirriiiiiidiiio' eities he has hei-ome a power. Alijc 
to meet their olijeeiidiis as srholars. as none ol onr 
other e\an^elis's ai'e ah|e to do. his kindly spirit and 
earnest manner are winniiie- their wa\ with this most 
dil'li' lit elass. 

His musical talent is hy no means a small ono. 
< )iie S;diliatli alter the morniiiir ser\ice, i heard some 
uiie pla>ine' \('ry sweetly on a tliite the air ■'There is 
a tuiiiitaiii lillcd with lijood,"' which we had just iieeii 
sinyiiic'. it .\oii ha\e iie\er heard ('hiiicse music you 
will liari|l.\ uiideislaiid whv I could not at iii'st lie 
lic\i' that any ot our t'hiiiesc people could he the 
pia.\er. It was .\lr. i,i. and voii may uiicss it was not 
\er\ loiii:' 1m tore we had him at the (U'lran. After a 
few |esMiii> he Was al'le to phiv the alls of o\cr lorty 
hviiiiis The ofcan is now his. and one of the |»roli- 

li'llis lietore us is how to prepare sheet mllsjc suited |o 

Pjtc-c 'I'lnrtci'ii 

I.I (III ( III \(. 

lii'.icliin; II. Mil III. l|iisil. I,' Ml. I |iii. .I..I1V |.iiiii,.| 

liy lllTMM If 

II, ivp 

I "ago Fourteen 

the bliml. We luid hoped lie might attnid tlie liliiid 
School ;it I'ekin, ;iiid \r;\vn 1o lead hooks I'or tlie l)liiid, 
hut ;is he eouhl not h'a\e his lielpiess mother, another 
phin was tried. I got for him the gospel I'.v Mark in 
the JiraiHe type, one of tlie few hooks i'or hliud 
("hinese, and together we went at it. In a little wliile 
he had learned all the letters, and it was not vei'v long 
hefoi-e he could read the whole hook. Through the 
kindness of a friend we secured a writing outtit, anil 
now he is writing foi' himself tlii' Xew Testament and 
parts of the Old. As you see him he is reading fr(»m 
the I^|)istle to the Kphesians. i)rinted hy himself. 

lint Chinese iiooks for the blind arc; very few, and 
so in order to he ahle to avail himself of the iinich 
lar'gei- selection in Knglish. this hungr\- student has 
higun to study l']nglish, and though so hadly handi- 
capped, he is making good pi-ogress. Kaeh Sal)I)ath 
he teaehes the Hihle Class, and it is a ti'eat to sit and 
listen to him. There before the i-lass stands the blind 
teacher "itliout book or note of any kind, connecting 
e\erv mistake iiiadi' i»y the readers, and pr(tmptiiig 
when the next cliaractei- is not familiar, 'i'lie setting 
of the les.ioii. its place in the history of tln' nation, its 
I'ciation to preeeding lessons, coiiteinpoi'ary prophets 
and the like, are lirst studied, tiien the lesson divided 
info its important h. ads, and lastly the praetical les- 
sons brought out point by point so clearly as to im- 
press e\('i'\<Uie. 

(iil'ted with a strong voice and clear I'UUiK'ialion. 
as a jireai'licr he stands easily lii'st amoug oiii- evan- 
gelists iiei'e. As yoii listen to liiiii yoii are conscious 
of two tilings, lirsl that the preachei' has not leai'iied 

l'ii<'o Kit'tecii 

Ilis sci'iiiiui tVoiii liooks — he knows in his own soul what 
tlic nicssii^c incjiiis. mid sfrondly that he is after some 
one. he is ti'viiij^ to urip soiiic one with his message. 

His <ri'cat hrai-t of sympathy has always fjone out 
to tliosc who ai'f sutVcfinjr and iirirlccted. and ho has 
for some tiiiii' Iktii phmnin^' to open a school for hlind 
childi-cii. Th('i-(> tih'y will he taiiLriit to read, and to 
Icai'ii s(»mf kind of work l»y which they may support 
thciiisclvt's. instead of lM'jzs.dn<:' foi' a living. 

What do you thitik of the fruit .' There was the 
man Li (hi Chinj^six \-ears a^'o. a liorn leader of men. 
leadiii":' youniz' men in every evil path. Here is the 
man Li ('hi ('liin<jr. ""Itorn a^'ain." an eldei' in the 
ehur<'h. Minded, hut still a leader of men. leading 
iiianx' to riirhteousness. 


We were siltiuiT at worship one evenin<^ in the 
■'lii\i'f (Jod Temple" which was the oidy e<tnvenient 
placr I ronid ii'et to li\<' in at that time. I was elling 
of the siill'ei'inii's and de.dli of Clwist. and iiotieed hipr 
tejirs rollini:' down the cheeks of the man who ai'ted as 
coolie ;ind u-ateman, lie was a .Alohamiiiedan. the son 
of a .Mohammedan priest, and an opium usei". so this 
si;;ii of itcin<^' all'ecfcd hy the yrospcl did not count for 
iinich. for I Iia\e often lu'ard it said, "Then^s no use 
ill preaching' to those gospel hardened .Mohamme- 
ilans."" This. Iiy wa,\' of introduction to our hos|tilal 

,.».•! Ml''. ! is! ]\:\\ \V:!!! ^>!!J! 

(M the yr.-iis ihat pa>sed hcforc he was appointed 
as exanceljst Ihei-c is not much one r;iris to write. 

ex('Oi)t to sjiy tluit, like Li Clii Cliinjr, Mr. Biii luid his 
(JcthsciiKiiH' to p.iss tliroujrii. ITc know well wliat it 
\v;is to lit' despised iiiid fejeeted of men, a man of sor- 
rows and aeiiuainted with griet". When we went home 
on t"arh)u^'h the hos|)ital was eh)sed. His eldest son, 
a hright l)oy t'l'om whom we expected much, was then 
in school. One day he was bitten by a mad dog and 
died from that dread disease liydrophobia. A litth' 
later his youngest son also sickened and died. He 
might have been saved, but the hospital was closed. 
We know what it means at such a time to have the 
eomfort and support > I' Christian friends, l)ut in the 
hour of his soi-row no one went to speak a word of 
comfort or of hope, and the burying of his dead was 
left to be done by more kindly Mohammedans. 

Ilis wife too foi- a long time was little help to him. 
She was veiy dirty in her habits and showed no in- 
t(M'est in the gospel. Many a time I have heard her 
sj)oken of as being ]>ast all hojie of refoi-m. 

Now let me |>ut tlie matter in the form of a ques- 
tion. If, aftiM- you had united with the chui'ch. tlius 
alienating almost all youi- relatives and fri.'nds, you 
were cast out of the chui'ch by the whispering, back- 
biting and slander of the iiietubers, ignored 
by your pastor even when deatli twice visited 
your home, your wife unsympathetic, and your home 
ill-kept, what would you have done? We dai'e not 
answer that (picstion, but Mr. Hai had to 'inswer it, 
and much moi-e than 1 have written was done to I)rcak 
his h'.irt. lie h-iis cniiic tlii'DUtrh the fni'r.;ice iiui'ilied. 
and tl;osc who once despised him might well env\' his 
suc(-(>ss in wiriuing souls. 

For months now lie li;is liccn oni' I'iiit hful 
liospiliil cviinyvlist. His wisdom and husin.'ss 
idiility iii'f liiiiiii' iiiorc and more rccd^ni/cd. 
No words can tell. iK'ttcr than liis own. llic phn-f lie 
occupies lure. Al our conrci'cucc last fall lie said. 
"In Kansu proNiucc. wlicic I iiavc ol'lcu ti'a\i'llcd. 
thci'c arc wide stretches of wild land o\ei' which ti'a- 
vi llei's iinist |»ass. The drifting sands oliiiterate the 
road, and people often livl lost, so the <z-overniiien1 has 
here and there set up tile ver\ pooi'cNt kind of Jiosts 
|>ointin^;' the way. 'i'liese sitiii-posts are so pnor they 
arc not woi'th slealiiie'. and at ni'..;iit a ru<lel\ eon 
strucicd lantern hunt:- U|H»n them dii'ects the traNcllcr. 

"Now." said Mr. I'>ai. 'that si^ii pnst i\aetl\ re- 
presents nie. I 1 ivc wry little leariiinc'. I ha\e no clo- 

(pirllee. UO taleUts at all. I'Ut <led lias shown 'lie His 

ei'jicc ill a wonderful way. and it is m\ >:ri'a! privileee 
1(1 stand i'\t'r\ da\ in tlic hnspital ami show the pa 
tiriits there the Way to Mt'^rnal laic."' I'-ut let the 

dorti)!- put ill a W<wd here. r.e tile da\ hot or euld, he 

it eai'l\- or late, the patients few <u- man\. he they well 
di'cssed iir in laiis. e\er\ man is tnid ol' the wa\ ol 
salvation hy this liumhle i vani;vlist. faithful and true. 
;ind when there are no pc< pie in the chapel you will 
lind him in the hoNpital wards ttachine- lhe patients 


lint what III' his w i I'e ' That is tnn uond tu leave 
,,iit. The hc||,'\in'_: hiishaml has saiictilicd the w il e ; 
f,,|. ,iian> iimiiths >lie has luci; a ( ii ri>t la ii. ami it is 
she w h(i le.iks ;ifl' i IIm' patients m tlm women's wards. 
K.rpMiM- them clriin and dress, ne- iheir sores, Mrs. 
|',;ii till' slallerii. is now oiir hospiljd nurse, Stronu. 

Page Twf::ty 

rjinii'st Jitiil ln';ii't\ ill \\ry worL. Iixikiim' Jil'ti'i' tln' 
Wiirds ;in(l the licddiliji'. 1 iiniiii<;' hfiscir into ;iii ;iiii- 
IuiIjiih'c ulicii llir |i;ilicn1 is imt too lic;ivy. Iifljtiii^ 
111 till' (lis|)i'iis;iry jind opcrjit iiii:' room, iiiid tf;ic|iiiii;- 
till' |i;itii'iit lict w cell whiles. .\|is. Il.-ii lills ;i l;i|-<i:(' |)I;iim' 
ill our udiiicii's liospitiil. (hily last ;i iittlr shivc 
liirl. I III' proiirrlvdr ;iii ol'ti -iiir.s w il'f. who w us hrrr lor 
1 1 r;it nii'iit for t idii'n-iiljir discisr of liotli rliiows. siid- 
ili'iil\ ilis;i]i|M';irrd. \\r h;iii limi tryiiivi' 1<> I'liild ii|t 
lirr st n-ii^t h so t h;it shr roll Id still id :iii o|irr;it ion. Tilt' 
l;ist d;iy shr \\;'s Ih'It w r iiolii-i'd th;it sIh' i-ririj ;i <rrr;il 
di'id. Two diiys hilrr .Mrs. r>;ii I roiiLihl lirr to ns. ;irid 
iiit I'lidiiicd III r ;is lirr iii|o|>ti'il d;iii<:liti'r. Tlini tiir 
story i-iiiiir out. lirr ow iirr ^ot tii'rd o|' lirr. ;iiid luid 

Si'llt lirr to rllr of tllr tr!ll|ili'S ill tllr rlty wlli'l'i' tlli'\' 
ijllii'tly put sllrh rrnilUlis out of thr W;|\. if tllry ;iri' 
not worth krrpiiit;' I'or ;i woisr imrposr. .Mis. I'>;ii luid 
told lirr husli.-iiid. ;;lld to s;i\r thr litllr ollr tliry ilr- 
rillrd to Jlijopt III'!' jis lluir oWII. tllollull shr may 111' il 
rlipplr a II hrr ll \'r. 


I tlioiit:lit I was iiiiishrd Willi Mr, I'.ai. Iiiit tlir 
slor\ Won't hi'ak olV Inii-. tlirir IS a \rf\ strong I'lik 

rolllirrt illlT ll illl With < >ld ( 'lloll, 

< Uir day in tin- si\iii moon, oiilsidr of dispriisary 
hours an old hliiid man ramr hry-irinu- to thr rliaprl. 
nnl\ .Mr. I>ai was tlirrr and lir spokr kmdl^ lo thr 
<iid man and told Immi i>f tin- < hir wlio. win n i>ii rarth. 
was a li'iriid tit lir^,'i,'ai's, Thr Iiri4f.;ar liriuoaiird his jot, 

I'uyc T wnil \- 1)111 

witliouf lioiiic or Ti'ieuds. He wjis tokl that the Lord 
Jesus is willing' to he a constant friend, and \villin«? to 
answer liis prayers. "Hut I (h)n't know h(tw to pi-ay 
to Iliiri,"" said Chou, so .Mr'. I>ai tooi< liini asiih' and 
taiijrlit Idiii the simple pi'ayer "Lord desus. save me 
and keep me. and take away my sins." Tiu; ohi man 
Went a\\a\ luumlilin^' his pi-ayer, not unlike a Hu(hL 
hist motd\ pei'haps; hut still he pi-ayed, and prayed 
to the < )ne who hears. 

Ill' hejiftred his way to a lar<,'e fair thii'ty 
miles awa\' and when he I'etui'ned he came to 
ehui'eli. He was so well di-essed that some one said 
to hit" "Say, ('h(»u. where did you ^ct those Jine 
clothes?" "Why, the Lord jjrot them for me." said 
he. " Vou know, the hist time I was here I learned to 
pi'ay, and now I just ask the liOi'd for what I need and 
lie sees that I ^'et it 1 I asked Iliiii to ^'ive me food, 
and I have never ^'one a da\- hun<rr\ : then as the 
weather is •zettin-:- cold. I ;isked Ilim for clothes, and 
see what lie has ^dxt'ti me. And now there is just (uie 
other thin<r I am askin<x Ilim for, and that is a |>lace 
wher'e I may lie down at n\>x\\\ and when the weather 
is had." One d;iy in jroiu}^ his I'ounds hi' came to Li 
<'hi ('hinjf's ^'ate. .Mr. Li. hejiririir there was a Mind 
man at the i:;ite. went out to talk to him, and old Chou 
told him his stor\'. "Well," said Mr. Li, "we have a 
meelini; fo:- prayer' her'e this al'terTiooii ; you may come 
and we will hear' you pr'ay." 

Hut the old man was suspii-ioiis of Mr'. Li and a 
little fiir'thcr' down the str'cet he was heard askinj^ tlu; 
people who that Mind man was, "for'," sjiid he, "1 
am suspicious of him. He invited me into his place to 

a meotiii^. Imt I iiiii .iPniid lie only wjiiits to ^'o throu^li 
my pocket." They ;issui-ed liim tliiit the otlier blind 
iiijin would ill no \v;i\- luinii him. "'So." said Mr. Li, 
as lie told the story, "there we were, two blind chaps, 
ea<'li suspicious of the other, and tryiuj; to tind out 
about the other." Hut old ("h..u turned up at tlie 
prayer meeting' and one of the i-esidts is, that from 
tliat day his thir<l petition has been answered, for Mr. 
Li has fjixM^n him a jdace to sleep, with breakfast, and 
more than that if \\w weather is bad. 

No one is more rejrular in attendance at <'liurcli, 
morninj; and afternoon, than this old man. and he 
always tries to remeiMbei' at least the (lolden Text. 

r>ut you say, what does an old blind be^fjar count? 
If Ih' is a (Christian, wliy doesn't he },'ive up licfijiin}?? 
Lei me tell you. old Cliou does count and counts for a 
^'ood deal too. How can an old blind man support 
himself in a land wlicn^ peoi)le with their eyes are 
starxinj;.' No. old ("lioii is a be^^'ar and is proud of 
it. Like I'aul, lie ma^Miilies his oHici'. He is now a 
chilli ol" 11h' Killer and he knows it. I?e<:j.'ars as a class 
are universally liatcMl. but no one now hates old Chou. 
Many peo|)le are ^dad to see him and hear him too, for 
he has constituted himself the Aposlle to the be^'fjars 
ill llwaichinjr. a «dass so toujrh that no one is likely to 
t ry to rob liim of his offic(>. 

.\s he troes abnuf he sells tracts and preaches 
In the peopir LvcU the little children lovo 

to <rct cash fi-oiii their parents for the kind 
old Itc^'ifjir. .jiist to liejif his blrssinir A short 
time a'^'o a merchant in the city was received into tie 
cliiircli, haxiii}; been led to the Sii\i(.iir by this same 

Pago Twenty-threo 

"i" < ihir \M, I.I , III , iiL\(, 



I'a-i. ! ^^, ,:! 


old Cliou tlic liruMar pivncli.T. niid I niii lold tluit 
numy people in the eilv ;ire l»eiii^' led \,y jiim ill the 
sjlllle Wiiy. Miiuiiify his oftii-e. (l(.es hi'.' lie s;i\s. "I 

iiiii the tirst lieysijir m 1 1 \v;nchiii<:' eity. Tliose othef 
poor folk ;iiv ;dl \\ oi-];iiiii' alone. The Lord is with ni.' 
and Fie sees that I ^n.f all I need."" and often he hejrs. 
nnt foi- himself, hut foi- some (.thei- nidortunatc one. 
!*>!• in thes,' days of dear food, many people have iiotli- 
iiii.;' to yi\('. 

(Mieof oiir record eont rihiitions last year was KKKI 
'•iisli iVoiii Old Cliou for the Christian I'lndeavor So- 
ciety, wlui-h would mean aiiout .+ 1(10 from you. or 
al«)ut .t;!it from me' (\U\ chou is assured of one ,,i(-al 
••' <''i.^ i'f"iii .Mr. Li and when th.' weather is had he 
ii'''''l not -TO out at all. Wlieiv is the l»e.<,'yai' who 
wouhl not mal<e the mo^- (»ut of the weather and such 
'' chance as thai ' .\ot so this man. 'I'lie weather 
must lie ver\ had when he will accept a second meal 
froi'i his henefactor. it touches his honor. .\ou we 
li.'iv almost done with old ( 'hou for this time, hut 
there is another link here. 


!■ a youuLi lad \\as hrouelit to 


< >ne da\ last w intc 

""' liospital h\ old CI , lli^ story was this. Mis 

'""'li'''' li'i'i died, and his father an. I other relatives 
■'■''"-■■'I '>i'ii; ^o !ic ran aua\ fi..,,, his home in Kai- 
'''■"1^ ••"ll -'Hid c.inie here to lind work. He to(,k sick. 

•""I '" ii'^' "ill t a siiieh' fi lend in the cit,\. he had 

l';i;rc \'\\, ,it ti\ c 

to hcjx toe ;i livitiLT. <)iii' tii^liT as lie l;iy in liis va^s 
liiiddli'd iicjir ;in dpni tire, liis .-lotliinj'' took Hit and 
lie was \ci'y lijidly luiiiU'd. l""oi" I'iti'ht days li'' lay at 
the citx' uatc ill the i-old, k.^pt alive l>y what food tlic 
|)assci's-liy i:a\c liiiii. Tlicii old (liou found liiiii and 
Id'oiiyiit hiiii to the liosoital li-'re. By this time ids 
condition was d(S|)»'i-ati'. 

At'tci' a joiiii' time wo iiiana^cd to i-hau 
him up ciiouuh to tell what was living' human 
tlosh and what was sonh'thin»jr else, and wc; 
found that his wholo liody w;is hui'iicd. in soino 
places \-ci-y dcc|)l\. His h I't arm was the worst. The 
dhow joint was niiiicd. and all the hones ahovc and 
iiclow wcic chai'i'cd. He w;is too weak for operation 
then. Iiiit later on we |»re|»ared to amput;de the arm. 
Ill' plejided stron'_d\' for us to s.ive as much of the 
arm as we could, (he was afraid to <j:o home to his 
father with only one arm . so we decided to remove 
only the injiii-ed hones, hut liejdin^ was very slow. 
.Vow. howexcr. he is liealc(l ;ind well, and the arm. 
tlioii^'h \cry much crippled, is worth a u'oihI many 
amputated ;irms. lie will leave us in a few da; s to 
<Xi> to his liomi' in Kaifenu'. ;iiiil he 'j:ors home ii ('hris- 


(•ne siiiiiiiiir ;ifternoon the hospital clinic jit 
<'h;im:!e \\;|v; ii\,'i-. nnd the dn'inr. h'>| ;ind tired, had 
h'l'l the dispens;M\. t" spend .'i little while in his ii:\y 
di n. scekinc td f(iri;ct. among the flowers, the smells 

i'iiyo 'I'wt'iU^-Bix 

nnd si-hls (.f tl,o aftcn n's work. in s-.m,. 

stnititrc \v;iy. with, Hit ;iiiy iv.iscn. iiis sf,.|,^ tiin„.,| i„ 

"."' "I>I»'isif.'.lilV,.ti.Ul. ;in«l Ur ,,;,ss,,l throlllii, the ii..s- 

pititl jiikI sc1„,()| vjinls f(. the (Mitcr ^r;,t,.. The li,.t ;iii.i 
• lusty strcrt wiis .le.srrt,..!. ;i,i(l ;is he shm.l \v..n(|(Tiujv 
uluit 1i;hI hfoiltrlit liii.i thciv. h,. „nti,-,..l, ;,t soiii,. d\s- 
'■•""•'' f-'»lH the h.ispit;,!. ;, h,,! uith S..l,l,. lyin;;' 

lilx'ii it. On u(,i„M. up t(. it he tumid it to hr ;i man 
evidently very ill. 11,,. h,.;,ivfs uh.. uviv .■arryin- him 

'■'••"" llis place cf business in the west to hishomr. to 
<li«'. li;ivin,i-' stopped a \'r\v ndnutes to ivst. H,. \v;,s 
I'li'il'l'' to m(.ve hand or loot, and was siilVennj; -ivat 
["I'll. We invi1e<| them to rarry him into the hospital. 
I'lit at lifst they wei-e suspicions, and iinwillinjr. At 
l'''i-th tiny conscntMJ. and lu-.-iiuht him in. l.ii't .so.ui 
''''''•'■ ''■'■' '''"I- 'li'it wc mic-ht have the pleasure ,.|- 
'""•>'"-' l"iii "'^ \\''ll. I''-M- some days it looked as 

"'"""!' '"' '""! i'i;i'l'' ■•! poor liar-ain, hut still so - 

Ih'W he was not ready lor Imiyiny. He was siitlVrinj,' 
'■'••'"i I'lood-poisonin- aiKJ aiis.css after ahscess was 
"i"'i.d on his po,,r hody. till opminu- and drainin- of 
.•il'Nce.sses I.ecamc a sort ..f .-ontine treatment. He 
was a heavy opium user. to... and -iviiio- up the ,\yu'j: 
w.'is \iry hard on him. 

'■'''■"'"■'">• li"'\v«'\'T. he heiran to improve, and 
""■" '"' t"M lis his story. He was a haker. .h.ini; 
'"'^""■^'^ '" '!"' \\''^l '.-Mid incidentally. r,,r Ins ,,un 
'"""^'■""■•" ■■""I the amus,.me,,t ,,f his friends, al.s,. a 
•i'li-'^'l'''' . ;iiid had led a wild and reckless lile, 

-^''^'''" ■■' ''"!'' I'- >\.i> Williri- |(. list,. II I,, the M-ospel. 

'"'•' '• .'ilVccted him strant^'.'ly. Itilike Chinese 
ronwvts. his sense ot condemnation was verv LTeat. 

i'age Tweuty sevcu 

i.i VI \i. K\\ w. riiiv h \Ki:i; 

I'.'i;^!' 'I'wcMitN (M;jlit 

He .saw liiiiiscl!' ;i sililicl' htst. uilliout ll(»l)t'. lie lic- 
licvcd the lildod of ('lii'isi could save most iiicii. I)ii1 
as foi- Iniiiscll'. his sins were too hia'-k. AftiM' sonic 
Weeks oi' despair lie cjiuie to liclievc that there was 
salvation I'of the vei'\- \ilest. and then his dcs|);nr 
ji'avc jilace to the ^Teatest joy. As he la>- I'of months 
in the hospital I I'i'oi'e he could stand alone. Ihouiih 
sulVcfiiii;' <:reat pain, his joyfidiiess was marked hy 
many of the patients who c;imc ;ind went, and they 
all wondered ;it it. (>t' his sahation he was certain, 
such peace constantly lilleij his ndnd. and he used to 
tell the |>eople that tile ha|)piness in his hcju't was 
enouyli to keep ;i m;in wjirm in the winter time. 

r>ut he was \fvy i^iKU'ant. and wc heu-m to teach 
him the ('atechism. The tii'st (|uestion ■"How many 
(iods are there.'"" |)n/./led him; he I'oiddn't tell how- 
many there were, hut ne\t day as we I'litcrcd the ward 
he called out. ■■ 1 )octor. I c;iii till _\ on to-day how man\ 
<iods thcl'e ;ire. there are .iust si\t> one." He h;id 
learned the luniie oi' (lod nnd then counted the num 
i»er of times that name ;ippi;ired in thi' whole cjite- 
chism. I'oor lai ^■un.l:■ l\wan. cou'd he ever he tautrht 
an\ thin;.;' .' Tainfully. Oii. so paintull\ he st ru !:<_'• led 
thron^di the simplest ('ati'chism, learnin<.': a tVw 
characters e\t in il-.^y and cettiny- his theolo^ry terrihiy 
nd.\e(| at times. Uui he strui^irled oti. and was always 
ready to tell the jtcople ahoiil his conversion. 

I do not ri'iK'mliei' how many months he was with 
us, or how ma tiy hundred \ a rds of dressiiii,' we used on 
him. lint I rcmemlier how :^lail we all wi^re when he 
w as a I lie to stand alone. .\ I ter some t ime he went to his 

own lliilllc lillt mI:iv I'iiI' liilM 'ill Liw I'i'i, <li,.ii.rl. 

i'Uyf 'lU'llt V llitlc 

j,'l;i(l to know he }i;u\ not Imm-h l)iirie(l (now that lie 
W}is likely to lie iii)le to work ;i^'';iin , were very jingfy 
with him for heeoinin^' a Cliristian. When he re- 
turned to llis phlee of husineSS in the west, the peoph' 

there weiv just as hittei" against him when they h(>ar(l 
he was a Christian. There was not anotiier Christian 
in the phice. ;in(l ji,. coulil easily have kept (piiet .so as 
not to prejudice tlie peop],. a^' iiim. i)ut Lu was 
not that kind. From time to time we saw him. and 
oaeh time Ik- cjim,. lie brought an otVei'injjf of cash to 
iiejp us treat .some otlier jioor fellow as we had treated 

P)Usiness w;is |)oor. for the | pic ii(,ycotted his 

shop, they s|)i'ca(l evil reports ai)out him. they i-e- 
t'lised to let Ilim use watci' fi'om the villaiiv well; liut 
lai woi'kcd on and sold what iu'ead he could, and 
when he could not ,<:vt any one to listen t(» him outside, 
he would u-ather one or two into his own honu' and 
|>i-e;ich to them theiv Oil,. ,\;ty ji,. told us his wife 
had hccoiii,. ;i Christian. When ;i man "s relijjion .saves 
his wife, you mjiv look for something' to happen. 

Soon after, we left that station, and did not for 
some yc;irs see .Mr. iai ayjiin. i'.ut after a time, we 
\\i'\'r told that results were li,.in<i' seen, and the nns- 
si<uiarv in ch.irnv ,,f that iiehl reported that tln^re 
were at least sixty men in the district who were now 
Christians, led to Christ hy the haker Lu Vun^' Kwaii. 
Not a cent did ln' reccixc for pr.'achin^f. hut this poiu- 
I'aker worked h;ird to make ;i livim/. .-md as lie .sold 
his iu-cad. Ik tohi the iih.ji he met in his slioj) and the 
men he met on the street of liie wonderful love of 

I'ago Thirty 

The e()iiii>,'itiy of liclicvci-s luis tri-ow n, ;iik1 ;i i'(tu|>l(' 
of yc'irs ii<^(). ulifii the cliMfdi in tluit vill;i<rt' wiis 

OV^^!\UV/.0(\. tllr lll;ill tllc\- clcctrd ;|S lllrir n'| > I'cscllt il t i vc 

i'ldcr WAS l.ii ^'mi'T l\\\;iii the lijikcr. and we all felt 
their chDice was wise. And ikuv to ^'o hack a^'ain t(» 
tiiat first suiiiiiici' afternoon. Wliat was it led tlie 
(hx'tor witliout any reason at all to jro out to tlie liot 
and dusty street.' Some woidd say. it was an aeci- 
dent. some, it just liappeiied that way; l)ut I think 
in the olden time they would iiave said, "'I'lie Spirit of 
the Lord led him." 


One of tlie \ry\ lirst women at Ilwaichin^' to show 
an interest in the <rosiiel was .Mrs. Cliao, a sewing' wo- 
man, 'i'hat was seven years atio. and .Mi's. Chao was 
only I'eeently i-ecoi-ded as a i-atechumeii. ami has not 
yet heen haptized. 

One day .Mi-s. ( 'liao asked me to l'o into the city 
to tr\ t(t sa\e the life of a x'oun^' otlicial's wife. "I 
will >rladly n(,, '" ] said, --hut it will he of no use. as 

tiny will not allow ii \en to sei' the patient." Slie 

answered. "If you will j^o. I will see that you are al- 
lowed to see he)', and will not he inteiTered with." 
So I went. I found the youuiT woman, already eij^ht 
days in hihoi' with her lirst child, and you can 
ima^rine. oi' yon '■■:\u try to imaii'iiie, jiftei' eii,dit days' 
ti'eatiiieiit hy ('liinesc midwi\cs. what condition she 
was in. Aftci' \ry\ ereat dit'liiiilts the dead child was 
ueli\ere(i, and iiie moliicr was >,Mven one ciian<'e in a 

Pago Tliirty-oiu' 

'iiiikIiv.I to liv,. I,, /.,„|v, , 


''--'^ ^■••-vi.- u,; I \ : '"" '""'^ ^ ^'^^""^ 

is .W .'"'"'"''•'••'''''-''''■ ''-^ Tins 

^f til.. (,p|,„sit,. si.],. of 

'•t (ll 

f ( 

<»t til 

•'ty lived an 
'■'"■'■ wrnii^-'lit I,v th 


ofifirial's widow 

•"'"' '"•'•"■•' ••!■ fin. w.m.lrrr,,! 

'■'"■"'"■" -l-'<'<-. '.-inWaMian-.tth-.t' r ""'. '•' "" 

<i'"-v,. , n,..,,t :'■ ;: T ; ;'■' "■-"' 

'■•■-i-i -..1 rn„„ ,1 „:,,"'""';'■'■ "'"■'"■'"■'I <i- 

•^""11 ;i rhaiio-,. was IVIt \w i 

"•■- •'-■'-vi.nds:;; ,':;;;:;: ;''-"--^^ 

'''''''''•''•''••^'-'-ii-iM,i.:i,v 'V ":-''''''''^'' 

in til,. TrntI, \.r • ' ""UMnt,.n.s;r(l 

' '"'"■ -\,ir;iin and a-'ain uc i c. 

'"■'•'"'I soun.,.s f|,„ ,...,ni,.|- ■• ' ""•'^■ 

jirc II, ll 

I,,.,. ,:;:::"r:;r ■■ r' '"■'"^- -'■"'■■- » ' 

, ■ " '"' " •"■»•'-'■. HI I„,,„|, „.„„,,| 

e"t,rHy.s,>o,lhi,s,.|u,n.-..sors,.,.,,,.inirotTir,.. Slu- had 

"-"^'•^■ ,Vlt t|.„ m.nv of „„.i,. „.„,s,.n,..M,s 
-n m.ny,.,,ston.sorion,st.n.lin..nn,stl.^ 

y"-"'' '-ly.n„n.ti,.nKn.. . Mrs. , ■1„„. lonlj-l 

'''•'7:;''''''''-'''--t-us,.dtonKd<..i, v,.n ,.n- 
:;'"" ■'""'•'•"• """■••■^ - '• '■•'l'"-r of tl,.. to,vi.n..,.s 
-'«---. (1,nsti.nv,.,v,„u,.h iVlt in tlH. ,.i,v 

;:": ' '-^ '--^ •-•-!>■ to .. pumi,. ..n.ivssi,... o,- ,.;.; 

/'''■';' ''''';:'''■ '■'■'''•-''■'•'■'--■'•'• --t a,... si,.. 

""" '^^-'"'l^l-l til. ,.n,sp,.,,s of 1,,.,. son SI,. 

:;;';;;•' N...i..n of Li (,,ri.,n.: si,.. i.Mk 

^:-"ly tl„. ui,.k..,ln,.ss of his ...Hv lif... Li \v..n 
Kwan- „,, o„r f,..-,.h,,-. sh.. ha.i kn.,..v 

I'atiy...! a iiii^ctiiiir j,, , 

II. so \v.' ar 

'""■ '"'""■• '-i'kI for th.. lirs! tii,,.. 

'" ';""^; >;-s 11:,. thr..,. ,.„., ,,,i,, Unt not 

as ,!!(._\ 
( 'hi'isf laiis. 

•i>i ^'V'-r ,,,..t licfo 

■"•'■'■• '•'f now tli..y ,„..( as 

" "■';^" ^■'■•■y '"'I'Mv in..,.tin^. an.l v,.rv s.,..u th.. 
■""^■•■>^-"'<'" t„rn,.,| t.. spiritual thinus. \ | , Ji „,.. 

'/"•'';; '"'' '■"'•'■"^'>- ' " '-Mt./...l. an.l h.. a"sk,..l 

•,"•'"■" ''■^''" ''••"' ■-■'""il'-l with th..,.hun.h Sh.. 
;■"'"■'"'"'" ■^•■'"'•••-^•-'•"'■■-n,.ttl, ,.auvt.;.lo„ 

r'- •''''■, 7'' ^'''■'' '-'■--'■ IW r,.ar,n,l,;.h.ast 

';:'■ T!''- " - '•"•■ '"> s..n an.l his .-a,...,.,. , . 



I, I ail, sure tl 

"• |M-|||.,-| <;vnt|,.|l' I, ;|s I 

I'' IS, sai. 

ii'i'.' Is SOI 

IK' \\a_. .ir \()|| I 

o l'(.....iv. 

■■<:-'■ ' iiii t \ th 

"'"' l'''-'"i- will Im. Ullluio. ,,, |,,,,,i^,, ,, 

or SUIiii' dlllrl' |,|;| 

\<il| 111 yoiii- III, 111.. 
, , '"''■■ '''"■" i* '"'•'•"IS so lUUrli t.. V„U ■• 

•;'"' '"''■"''"■'•'''■''""-"'i<nou in, ..I.,.,, „„;„;,,, 


WlHi.. „„.„,,,., I.i „■:,. .,,,.,1,,,, |,i ,,,i r,,i,„ 

■''•■"';"■' "'I '-I--: „ I, i, ,,„„..„„,: 

•'-"'■s.-iy III,.,-,. ,s siirli ;, \v;n 

W'HlM Im. uiliiliM- ,,, |,;,,,tj,,. I 

;'"":''' '■';'"-'-■■ •^'■'-ui...i...iK,s.L;::, I. 

•""; •""'"""'^•^ ■'-••"■' -'Hl.l I,,,;., ,„,,„..„.,„„ 

'"■'"'--''>""-■ i-.-ii,!, mil, „iv,.„n.., 

'""I 'I"' l"tn|v til,. \\,,|.|,| ; 

'''"•"■'^;i\ tlic p.isfc.r 
"" I" yowi Ik. 111... I, lit do 


'""•■^ ••il'lcr Mrs. ( 

i'~ >'"•'• In. 11,1s. 
"" ""• '• . Is p;ii1,.,|. 

, ,■ , . "'" piililirh i.rori.ssi.d 

:,V;""':""r'"" ■ -i-i^-. .■,>.,. „:., 

; "7\'-^ """ " > V,.,.. 

' " '- '■"■""". "i^-. SI,,.,,,-,, ,„ ,, |„,,„„, 

. /''~"';"' i-:,|.r; M, .1,,. ,„,, ,„„ 

' ", ,' ■'" '""> -11,1,,:,. I, „,, 

i " '-■'""•■ l"M„.,.. I Ml,,,,., .,.,,., „.j„,.,„ 

■ , '■"''-■■•' -■ ,„„»„,.. 

, "'-'"""y> M,v ,i„„ I,,.,. „,.„„,.|„ 

';.■"„ "'""-'i~;'"'--.-n'N..u„..„ i.M ,,„„■,.,. 

"' ""■ .^„l,..,.,„l,.,„l,.,ll ,,,■ s,i I 

i'A^V I',. I,, \ ,,,„, 

sill, i. ., I, 

iVniii Ixiiit'mi;' l-'ii, ;i iih-ihImt of tli;i1 roloiiy of -lews 
tli;it Inr i-r|i1 iii'ics \\(ifs|M|i|ii'(l till' (i(i(| (if lsl';icl in the 
li''.'iii (if this hcjithi'ii hiihl. Now I'or yr;ii-,s tlic syii;i- 
UiiJilH i|;is 1,1 rl! Ii|-<iki'll lip. ;ill(| ihrir Wdl'sllip is ;| tiling' 
(if t llr |i;ist. 

A Pi;ki' Imo Somi; oi- nii-. Wakivs 

l'>llt lor the l';|rl lliJit thry ;ilT ill thr \':\rr ,|||(| 
"II'' I'll '■;ii-|l siili' (iT llir liosr. \(>|| Wdlllil llJII'dh \\r 
Mll'i' tli;i! sdinc (if tlli'si' ulijc-ts ;i|-i' eyes. Til n Hiu-ii 
^i>llli' mI' tlli'ln the MliIiI of llc'INCi; lljis Ih'MT pjisscd. 
Ill'' i'-I' liil'.'lllrc ;|||(| lihllilM'SS of tile lllidwilV (jrstl'nyrd 
lil' 111 ;:l I'irth. Sdliir ;||'c i-;it;il-;|r| r:|scs. li|il|i| tuf 
>';ils: ill. Ii;i\c linli upi'i'iiti'd (III ;ili(| will lijixc 
l'.'iii'l> :' "I siulil. r.iil I'y I'.'ii' llic uidsl dt' tlidsc \dii 
^I'c Willi l';ill(l;i'_|i'(| i'\cs ;ii'.' sll iVi Ti im' iVdlll 1 11 t 11 1'llcd 
''>''li'l'^. I'd' iii;iii.\ yc'iis. in sdinc cis.'s. the in liirncd 

l;i"^ll'S ||;i\c iii'i'ii Cdllsliint I \ lilllsli illLT ;ii:;iills| thr CM' 
liillls. i-;illsini_;' ilill;iiiilii;il idii ;iiid cdiit l lill;i I p.'iin l'";iil' 
Slullt will l'(-.lllt in Ml.lll\ c.-is, N. ;,|1(| lAcll Ijl i f s 1 '.^ 1 1 1 ill 

( hlli;i is ;i I rciiK'iiddiis lidiui Id ihc poor. 


I sii,il|\ lull Id d\ I I'lldw iiiM. it will lir iiidi-c llijin 

''\''l' sd IN dpilliM lic.iiiiM'S (|.;il-r|- I'll! sc pool' IcIldWs 

•'••'ii'' ''"' i>-< i'' ''iiiii\ iiii iiic ii,iii|i iii;ii i|si;i\c(j 
l':il.M. Tliiil V >i\ 

tlifiii. Sdiii,. |i;ivi' siiiokiMl hirty y;\ys or lUDre. 

MMiic iiii.r (.Illy rcri'iitly Imuijii, hilt e.'ii'ly or late, the 
cnsiiarititi' mIImh ski^in !ias Imm-oiiic tVltci's ol" sled. 
\\ lirii thry llrst i.i\,. ii|i the tlrwis. Ilicy siiffcr greatly 
li'oiii a'-lirs. jiaiiis. s|ci'|,|, row^hs and other 
froiililcs. and I am loM that a <_!rcat many puor \ir- 
'iiii^ "' 'ii'' lialiil ai'i' d^iiiL;' In ilirji- liomcs. as M|>iiiiii 
IS now so rlrar they <-;\\\ im |niio'i>i' li|i\ ii. ;iiid whrii 
i' i-^ i:i\.'li |||, they ,-o||a|.sc mir o!' the evil results 
oT stoji|iine' an e\i| trat'lie. The tn:\\\ who lir^t <j;'a\e 
the name • Opiiiui [■'jend" \\;is surely a he.nMless m.-m 
or a t hiiip^iit hss one. 


'I .voiii- MUM' is \er\ s,iisiti\ e \ (HI had iielt(r jn^l 

l"''1' i'l. ••Hid pel ||,||,s \nl| had li.lter Mot e\,-|| |„m.[, 1||. 
■"I' there are s;|(| sjehts i|| hefe. alld the air is not |(i() 

^\''''''- \Vh,\ dmi'l .\.iii Ventilate the wards.' We do, 

I'Hl l||e.\ Won't st;iy that Wa\. r.(.|.|e eail'int. ,.\,.M ill 
'he hov|)i|;||. ,-;i|T\ aholll Willi llh'lll those '^reat 
'lllimrs. Ol' thos,' I'olll ;|lise, Wllholll lliakine- .itlle|-,s 
''"ll^''i"ll^ "I' their lovsellec, ; | 1 1 d l|eeros,(| holies alld 

L^aiiereiioi.^ limhs not oiil,\ mean eoiis|;iii| pain and 
le\cr. dislroviiie- res! and eomlorj, hiil eoiisl.anl an 
'i".\ ■■""•'' ii'^ ^^I'll iVom IIh' loiil odors limi ciiinioi he 
l,'ol rid of. The miss|oii,ir\ w liosc w ork is in and a hoi it 

•'"■ il"'>|illal. needs ill ,1 sp,r|;|| \\,iy to iiaVe eo||Se- 
(•rated senses. I, s! his nose or his e\ es he o|Ve|ld((| ami 
his Wdl'k he m.'oje i!^( h'sw. 

l>o \on Ihiiik the poor lepers, the lame the 
I'li^'n 'I'lnrt \ cij^ht 

ci'ippli'ii. Ilii- lilidd lliiit wcri' lii-diiuiit in siirii imilti- 
tiidfs to (iiii- honi for lii'.-i liiiu' WfVr nil cli'jiii ;iim1 
swrct.' Surely iKit ; yd diist -r(»V(r('(l jiikI liitlix' ;is 
iimiiy (if thrill wcrr, lie licjiird tlinii iill, ;iiid His Ik'iiI- 
iii^' \v;is not ajwjiys di.iic in the ii|pcii ;iii-. uln'i-c lie 
cduld <Xri ti \viiidu;i|-d of liir juitifiit. Simicl iiiics 
one jiliiKist ciivirs his ln'ctiiri'ii ;it honic llir (•(Hidilioiis 
ill wliii-li they 'Adi'k, ill h(is|(it;i!.> iiiiiii;i.'ul;iti', will) 
I'Vcry (•(iMirort. .nid hixiirirs n^t ;i I'lW. ;iiid ,\ct— I 
dii Mot know. ir dill' Lord wrrc mi rjnih ;iir;iiii. ii 
.M;iii iiiiiunu snl'l'i'fiiii^' iih'Ii. I .-iiii iinl suri' \\r 
would spend His time in oiii' |i;d;iti;il hos|iitiils jit 
llollie. ||oUe\er \\i llli'jht edllllllelld tile s|iirit (d' 'hose 

w iii> hiiilt theiii ;ind ol' those who work in them. I 
think 111' would like|\ he found .-iwiiy in some Miistern 
kind. iiiiionL;' tlie most neglected, and those who sul'i'er 
most. .\t |e;ist that is the lesson I think He taii<:lit 
me one da,\ iii a wax I am not like|\ to foruet. 

We Were wcrkiii'j awa,\ with another po(U' lad 
who was so iiadls iuirned he eoiild I'ot live. His 
stupid father had left him l\ ini" for o\er a week he 
lore lii'inuine' him to tie hospital, and there la> the 
iiioanini; mass of li\in)_'' human tlesh envcreii in parts 

with seiirehed elolliiUL:' aud seurehi'd aud dee;|\in!i 
llesll. liope|essl\ matted louetller. ('hlUese assistants 

>oiild iiol stand till' Work and for a moment I f<'lt I 
must i:i\e It up. W !ial was ilie h'k,' ' '''l:e iK^y I'uuld 
never recover a n\ w a,\ , lietterseiid him awav. It was 
orilv for a moment. I'ur 1 he.ird a voiee s|Makiiii: to 
me (I am sun' it was 1 1 is own voiee , "K'ememliec 

Villi ;,le diinm tills for Jesus (hllsl "' Ii wa.s t'tisit'l' 

after that, and while tiie liov lived, we made him lis 

PiiL;*' 'I !i I rl \ iiino 

rdlll I'dl-f ;iMi' ;|S we rulllii. .-iIkI \\\r r;i|T W c ■ UIIXC llilll 

(l;iy liv (|;i\ . iii>ti';i(i nl' liiiiiL: Nuinrl li i ii'j tn Wr d; ciniiMl. 
IxTjiiiic ;i iiM';i IIS III' l:i';ii'i'. 


As iiiiii-h (if the |;iii., is irri'iJitiil. and tin' i-iMitil ry 
;il)iHiiiils ii: jiciids (if s1;il;ii;i lit \\;,li'r. iii;i l;i ri;i !■> vcvy 
pi i'\ ;i Iriit . Williin till' '■\\\ Willis ;irc ;i scurc dv iiiurc 
(d' sMcJl piiiids. sMiiir of llii'iii iiillt;i llijliu' lii;ill\ ;|cl'(S, 
Wliv diin'l >nii dr;iiii tin- l;iiid ,' vnii iii.-i\ .-isk. W'rl!. 
thiv is (diiii;i. ;iiid s;i iii;iii\ tilings iwr upside d(i\\ ii. 
IIi'lc. iiN ill iii;ili\ citlid' di^tl'ii-Is, the \\;ilr|- Mills dnwii 
rroiii till' ii\i'r tti llii' l;iiids. imt iVnin ihr l;iiid dnwii 

tn tllr ;'i\rr. ;|lld Up hill d r;i i I l;i Lli ■ is (Api'llsivc. 


iJc'ill'.' \n|| |r;|\i' \\\r ||ii\pit,-|| \ i HI IllUsl si T (illf 
little ri'liMcl l'',-||tll. Sill' \\;is I'.-ipti/.'d lille|>, ,'llld .'IS 
she eiilllll lilt. Wlllinllt pjlill. sjl ill ,| ehjlic Ul' II |ie\\ 

I'lii- ;iii\ h iii:t!i mT time, -she \\;is li;ipti/ed |\ iliLi I n the 

lied ill Ihi linsplljil \\;iri|, ,||ld lllel'e vhe |'ee,'|\i'd till' 

s;ii-i;iiiieiil III' the l.iird's Supper Tiid,i,\ I tnuk iief 

phnlil, ,'ll|i| I illll Jll'l'llid liej' i'.iee still sIloWs s|ij||s ill' 
the pilill We I Jillsed III limV I 1 1 LI ller ii||1 ||||ii pniper IlLlhl 
I'll!' the pliiiln i h;i\e |ii||m \\;|l|ted In te|l Xi'll .dniUl 

ilttli' llsili nr |-',-||th, lull I W.MIlted Villi til see liel' I'lpe 
;!s We!! Shi' Is :i sinnlh erninliil ('liniese •_iirl. Hut 

wnrth ,-1 diill;ii'. At h;isl, ;i iii.'ii Imiiiiht he-- imi Iuiil:' 

P;e... I' 

A TKMi'i.i-; wnii M\i.\i;i\i. rodi. i\ i'i;<>\t (U- ir 

\ \< I 1 li ! l; 111' ( i| i; Ih i-l'i I \ , \i l;l i. .. ■ I > 

I'.'iyf I'mt \ iiin 

ii^'o toi- ;i (liilliM- and then wnit Itack t)n his bargain. 
Her inotlier. <lisappoiiitt'(i over losing that dollar, or 
rather, disappointed at not ix'iiifr aMe to ^et rid oT 
her dauuliter, treated her very harsh.iy, trying by 
main force to sti'aighten out the crooked joints. 

Crippled with rheiiniatisin. her hip and knee 
joints have all grown so solid 1 fear she will never 
be able to walk again. Often suffi'ring great pain, 
she lies, or rather leans, against a hard pillow on her 
bed day after day. for she can neither stand nor sit 
nor lie down as a well jterson can. She was brought, 
to us some three _\-eai"s ago. in the liojie that we could 
straiiihten out her ci'ooked liml)s. but the best we have 
bee!i aiile to do so far for liei' ])oor body has been to 
case her sutVeiing. and to im|)rove her general 

l-'or a time there was in the hospital another girl 
named Chi Niu. whose eyes wei'e almost blind, and 

Ihese two I ame warm fi'ieiids. Chi \iu could not 

sec to I'ead. iiul she had willinsz feet, and so these two 
got along togcthei' with one pair of eyes and one jiair 
of feet, ('hi .\iu was to have !>een !iapti/.ed with llsin. 
liut ;das. since she was here they have married her to 
a lialf-idiot heathen. In hcf new home she has ol'teii 
III en cruelly lieaten \'>\' being a Christian, and W(U'sc 
trcaiiiicnt was thi'cateued if she dared to be bapti/ed. 
While together ill the hospital both these girls studied 
ver; hai'd an<l soon le.-irried to read a good deal of the 
c-os|ie| : at least . one could I'lad.aud itotli -ould I'ept ;t 
u t lie\ had studied 

Little l''aith is (|uite a Lood scamsti'ess and by 
n'alving shoes and drawn-wock, was able ttt 

i.nri.K iMi'ii 

I':i-i' l''iiitv II 

^"I'l""'' ii'''>-lf uhilr in t|„. Iius,,,t;il. At thr 

<'lMiirs,. .\,.u- V,,n- .h,. uvnt li.Mii,. inr ;, muntl, .-n,,! 
'••"!< ^v^l! h,.,- rnoiiui, .s,.ui„u- t., k,.,.,, h,r Inisv. |!ut 
"'"■" "'"■ '•'•fnM'W .■ift,.!- iM.Mvth,-,,. ;, iMunth. h'.ruork 
w;is St, II innl.ui,.. It u;,s n.,t likr Un- i,, \,. slow ,„■ 

''''^■^- '■""' "'• ^""" I'"1IIhI (.lit thr ivjisotl of it. When 
"'"■ '''■'■' '""•"■ ""■ ^'il-ls uj- Urr Xill,-mv ,.;i,llr to s,.,- 
'"■'• ■■""! "^'^■'■'1 ll-l' '•' '''11 tli-Ml ;,|| ;,l„,ut tllr Iniviu,, 
'"'"'•'^"'- ''i'^''' ••''""'•^' ''vrrv othrr Chinrsr. thrv h.-Hi 
""■ '•''■" "'■" "'■ -linpiMMl „,, thr iHHli.s .-Ml.l i.-oliyv,! 

'"" " ■''■■^ "'■ I'^itirnts to iiwikr th. \v,,n.|..rriil ni.MJi- 

'■""■ "■'"' "'■''•'' '"■ '"V .-iMr to r,nv ,li.S,.i,s... Ilsili 
'"''' ""■'" ''!> ''I'""J "i- linspit;,! work ;,„.! ;,hout t, 
U".sp,.|. S|„. shour.l thrin .-ilso how uvll sh,. .-oiihl 

'■'■■"'• ^" ""■•^ '"■^•^■'•'1 l"'l' to trilch th.-lll to |v;i.l. Thr 
'"' " '■'"'"• ^•'"- ••'""I Nlrn lirsi.jrs. t.. hr;ir tllr Tnith 

'|-""i this liltir ,-ri|.pir,| uirl. ;,,!,! so ;n„ono. tlim, .-Ml 

|-";ilth's tilnr \v;is pivtty \\r|| tilkrll up. 

■'^"""' ''""■ ■■'!■>'■'• 'Iii- .-1 iiii.ssion.-.ry, touritiir in 

"''" '''•"•' "■ '"'^ ''"I'l- ^Vhriv hr h,-„| unt nhv.-iv.s hrr„ 
Vrl-y kin.lly rrrrivr.l. W;|s Sl| ,•, , risr, I. ul,r„ nr;,ri„U- .'l 

"""""■ '" ^'''^ 'li'itc ;i ii.iinhrr of .si nmuvr.s 

'■"""■ '"" '" ^\''l'-'Mllr hilM to thrir Vllhinv. ThrV 

'':^'''"'''' '■'^■'■'•'.^ '" lli^ pir.-lrhill- ;,,l.| proVKlril 
'"'" '^'"' •■' '''l'^'' '■""HI to iisr ;,.. ;, ,||,.,,„,| 
''"'■'"- 1"^ ^'".^ 'I'ilr U,-,> thr\ lis,,.,,,.,! ,|„,,lir 

""■ ''•■'> """• •■""' I'"' "" iMin ,i„. ni-ht „U,|,. 

Il'lli lr,.| il \\,.|s Ih,, !„.>, 

' '111"' 11'' h;i(l <-\,T h;i(i ill slid 

" I*'--"- '" *■'""•■' II" --nh! ,„,, „iHlrrst,ni,l l!„. 

'■'•'""" "'■ ^"'-l' ••' I'—PIMMI. till h,. lol|,„| ,„,, ,h;,l hr 

";''\'";"' i'"i" '■'•■ii'ii'- llnUl,.. Tl„. u I ,,.p,,,, 

"'''•■ ''•''' -'"'" "' ^^i"l' ^hr s;|\\ ,1,,,,,. ;,, ,1,,, . ,,^,,|,.|i_ 

':r^<' i'',,! I \ I, 

"11(1 lirr testimony (nv .Icsiis Christ \v,.,v tli-- inrans 
"'' '""l<i"i-' ^<' iii;my p,.,,!,!,. iVi,.n.lly. Tliciv is i„,\v ;i 

LMUuil,^ r,„lirivu;,,i,,n ,„ tllilt ,||stlM,.t. ;,n,i U,. ||,,,„. 

'■'■'■ '""- ^'> ^'■•' ^'i''l'l I'l'nVhlr.l with their .,U|| chll h, 
'■'■ei-tcd liy thclllschrs. 

''•""■ '-ni.i.hMl litih. |-';iith. not worth ;i .lulhir.' 

Tli-IV ;irr tll.MlsjUHls of proph' with hi- h;illi< ;HM..imts 

'''"' ^^'" "'■^■'■'' 'I'' --i^ 'iiii.-h -.mmI in thf wurhl ;is this 
"f"'' ^i'"'- ''^-'i' il' Ik'I' litV shouhl hr sh..i1. An.! in 
''"■ '•""' "li"'''' 'ii'' '-Mpph.! ;in.l hiiiic walk str;iij,rtit. 
'''"■'''■ ""• ''■■il'inrr is jnsl iind tlir wri^Wits iirr tnir. 

'''"■'■'' ""■•' '''••'' ''ll'll lllJIliy to ri-htrousnrss s|i;i|| 
sil^nr ;is the st;irs. it in,iy h.. th;it her rruwn will 1... 
''I'i^'lit'T lh;in rithcr yours or iiiim-. 

:i;j<' I I'! I \ IM !■ 


From Far Formosa. By Ciors^-^e Leslie M.ukay, D. D. 

This hook, wnllen by Maekav wlnlo on tiirlouKli in iSu;;. 
and ea,..ui in J. A. MaeDonald, is iiulis,HMisal.K' to the student 
ot .Missions P, Formosa. lU-sides yivi,,^ i„ interestint,- Coin,, 
the story of Ma.kay's hfe and work, it treats ot the KfoIoL-ieal 
zoolo^ual, hotaineai, and elhnolo.L; leal histo.y of the island. 
Cloth, ,V}s pa.ires, fully illnstr.ited. I'riee Si. 25, postpaiu Si. 
The Black Bearded Barbari 




l>\' Marian Keilh 

liarniin^ly written stoi\ of Un- h.'roie lite ot Maekav 
h.-p.vially suited for the junior Mission Stiidv Class and the 
Sunday .Seliool Library. It has been read 'bv thousand, ot 
youiiL;- people in the Cnited State's and Canada, and eannot fail 
to interest e\en those indift'erent to mission. 

I'liee, elolh 5oe., postpaid 5<)e. ; paper ,:;5e., postpaid 42,. 


1. The Emergency in China. Hv 1 )r. F. C. I Luvks I'oti Pres 

St. |.>hn s Collem', Shaiij4ii,,i. 
For Senior Mission Study Classes. - ,, olear and exlianstixe 
statement of present e.Mulitions n, L'hiiia, and the eauses leading 
up 111 t hem. ^ 

I'ru-.., eloth vv., I)ostp,-,id ^Se. ; pup,-, ;,-,■.. postpaid 4JC. 

2. Life of George Leslie Mackay, D.D., bv Rev R P 

.^Llekay, I). H. " 

A brief story ot the l,fe of the •• HIaek-ln-arded Harl^ 
ot '•'y"";->a (,4 pa^es, with tull-p .ije illustrations hitherto 


SiiiKh- eopies. loi . postpaiii ; p,r do/en, .S^o. 

3. "TwenJy.five Years in Honan. " Hv Dr. Murdoeh 


Wi.iien toeelebratethe j^th anniversarv of the Canadian 
I reshylerlan Mission in 

Cloth, 5oe., postp.nd ,sSe.; pap.-r ,550., p.istpaid 420. 

4 China Library, ^ volumes tor S',.oo u■.•M•ri.,^e extra '1 
Changing Chinese, by F A. Ro.s. The Education of Women 
in ChinH, by Luruu,. The Chinese Revolution, bv Aiiliur L 

Presbyterian Foreign Mission Board 

439 Confederation Life BIdg.